Worktops and Countertops.


Damaged worktops can vary from a chipped worktop, burnt worktop, split laminate in a worktop, chipped marble worktop to an acid burn in a worktop. all these damages doesn't mean that the worktop has to be replaced.

Surface repair specialists can repair damaged worktops what ever the damage or material its made from.


Marble worktops, quartz worktops and granite worktops can all be repaired if the get chipped or damaged. We are able to colour match and replicate grain patterns in wood. we can sand down solid wood worktops then  re wax or re varnish, we can polish marble worktops bringing them back to their former glory and we can even re coat laminate worktops to give them a granite look and feel. 

What ever damage you have to your worktop or even if you want it transformed into something spectacular, give us a call on 01293972737 or send us an email at


Counter tops can easily be damaged whether they are in pubs, clubs, shops or receptions in office buildings.

It could be a chip, a scratch, a lifted piece of laminate, a hole drilled in the wrong place or even a burn mark. 

What ever the damage maybe, call us in the first instance on 01293972737.

What about if you want to keep the same style of counter but want a different finish?

We can carry out re coating of counter tops using various costings to transform the look and feel of the countertop.

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