Wood and Laminate repairs.

Engineered wood repairs

Engineered wood is a thing of beauty when it's in your home but, what happens if the engineered wood gets damaged and needs repairing?

Surface repair specialists can carry out repairs to engineered wood whether you have chipped engineered wooden flooring, chemical burn to a solid wood worktop, scuffed wooden surface or you just need your solid wood worktop re-varnished. 

Whatever damage you have we can carry out repairs to engineered wood flooring or repairs to solid wood worktops.

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Laminate repairs

Laminate flooring and worktops have been in our homes for many years and to this day you will find a laminate worktop or a laminate floor in a home near you whether it's your own home, your neighbours home or your parents home. Laminate is everywhere.

What happens when you have a beautiful laminate floor or worktop and then a disaster happens, you just dropped an object and now there is an ugly chip in your laminate floor or laminate worktop looking back up at you.

To replace it would be costly and you would have to get all the flooring replaced or the worktop would need to be taken out, to repair it yourself could make the chip stand out more and look even worse, what are you going to do?

I will let you in on a little secret but, you must promise to tell all your friends and family.

What you do is, call us on 01293972737 or email us at info@surface-repairspecialists.co.uk we will then discuss your needs and give you a very competitive quote to carry out an invisible repair. 

This will save you all that hassle of having the flooring or worktop replaced, save you money and help to save our environment by saving on filling landfill sites.

Check out our gallery for examples of our work and then do the best thing you may do this year, CALL US!

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