Here is something truly remarkable that will

change your life...

New skills that will help you start a profitable business... 

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Do you want to learn how to carry out amazing repairs just like we do at surface repair specialists?


Do you want all the information you will need to start and run a profitable business in hard surface repairs?

Keep scrolling to change your future and become an elite repair specialist.

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A few of the great things about this training program is there are two options for you to choose to help you grow, even if you have no experience in repairs or running a business, there are great video and written tutorials to help you every step of the way. 

Because your business and dreams deserve the best...
With Surface repair specialists you have it all: 

  •  Colour theory.

  •  Surface preparation.

  •  Filling and sanding.

  •  Painting by hand.

  •  Airbrush training.

  •  Personal protective equiment.

  •  Chipped and cracked tile repairs.

  •  Chipped and cracked baths, basins and shower tray repairs.

  •  Damage repair and tinting of bricks and stone.

  •  Laminate repairs.

  •  Marble, granite and quartz repairs.

  •  uPVC repairs.

  •  Solid wood repairs and oiling.

  •  Graining and texture techniques.

  •  Business planning.

  •  Marketing your business.

  •  Selling your services.

  •  Material lists.

  •  Supplier lists.

  • Downloadable forms like business plans, marketing plans, operation manuals Risk assessments and more.

  • Automatically be registered into an exclusive online group of like-minded people.

  • Free 3x 45-minute zoom sessions and much more...

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No other training program delivers more information, has more tools and features integrated. No other training program can be accessed by your smartphone and provides the best customer support.

No other program automatically translates into the language where the participant is from.


We are committed to quality, results, and customer experience.

While our competitors are focusing on selling a crammed in 4-week training course just on repairs, we are focusing on 3 things:

1: To provide you with every resource possible to get you started.

2: Help you get the best results by offering ongoing support.

3: Offer an amazing customer experience.

When you get a Surface repair specialists program, you know that you have access to cutting edge information, technology and software for your business. We also provide amazing customer support 24/7 and Surface repair specialists are proud to be the only platform in the world that gives you FREE updates in our training program, aiming to always deliver what is trending now when it comes to growing your business.


You will get the result you want with surface repair specialists!


Hi, I'm Tony...

  •  I used to work long hours just to pay the bills.

  •  I have always worked my hardest just to make other people rich.

  •  I'm an ordinary person just like you.

My "job" paid the bills but the long hours forced me to sacrifice all of my time. This meant missing out on spending time with family and friends.


I was miserable and became determined to find a way to start a profitable business and take my life back!


So I started looking for ways to start making money doing what I enjoy and giving me the freedom I needed to spend more time with my family and friends.

Eventually, my search led me to hard surface repairs which gave me that freedom I was searching for.


I decided to take up the relevant training needed for an NVQ level 2 and also started my own local business carrying out hard surface repairs in peoples homes. 


The best part is, I now get the freedom to spend with my family but, I also have that get up and go to work push that I need. 

By using all the training modules within this training program, you too can start and run a profitable hard surface repair business or add it to your existing business.


Another great thing is that I really enjoy doing my work and this type of business strived even during a pandemic.

I know that learning something new can sometimes be overwhelming. I know, because I too struggled to get started until I realized… I was trying to do too much.

My wheels were spinning and I was simply overthinking it. I had digested the power behind all of the tools I had at my exposure and wanted to use every single one of them. Big mistake! I found that focusing on specific goals that I wanted to achieve and limiting myself to a handful of tools to achieve them made all the difference in the world.

Believe me, things will begin to take shape. You’ll realize that it’s not just what you do… but how you do them.

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At the end of all the modules will be a quiz for you to complete

before you can progress to the next stage. (don't worry, it's just

to make sure you have taken in what we teach you)

You will get all this training and be automatically joined to our

a unique online group where you can talk to like-minded people,

get the latest new product info and reviews plus tips and tricks to

help you on your journey. You can potentially earn back the cost

of this program within 1 week.

Additional training also can be provided in the following.........

  • Epoxy resin worktops and flooring

  • Glass scratch removal

  • UPVC spraying

  • Kitchen cupboard painting

  • Sealant application

  • Floor sanding and refinishing

  • Affiliate marketing

The training program will constantly be updated and more training videos will be added. All future updates of the training program will be FREE OF CHARGE.

If you would like to join our  "affiliate program"  and earn fantastic commissions by selling this course then click the affiliate program link above or in the footer. 

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If you have any questions then you can contact by clicking the button...