Wall tiles.

You may not think it but, wall tiles can easily be chipped or cracked and sometimes these are not noticed or over looked. What if we told you that a chipped wall tile can be the home for bacteria and dirt! would you think twice about getting it replaced?

You're probably thinking that replacing a wall tile could be quite expensive as how would you get just that one tile out without damaging any other tiles?

Is that tile even still in manufacture?

If it is, is it going to be from the same batch and match the other tiles already on the wall?

Now, what if we said that a chipped tile or a cracked tile didn't need to be replaced! What if we said that we can repair a chipped tile, what if we said we can repair a cracked tile, wouldn't that be great!

at surface repair specialists we can repair a chipped tile and repair a cracked tile and even colour match it so it blends in and would be un noticeable

Why not send us a photo of the damage by emailing it to info@surface-repairspecialists.co.uk

Chipped floor tile repairs in Horsham west sussex

Floor tile repairs.

Floor tiles suffer from abuse over the years. We walk all over them, we spill drinks and food on them and we even drop heavy objects on them which can cause them to chip or even crack.

When you get a chipped tile it's often overlooked as to the everyday standard person, we think that this cannot be repaired and try not to think of the cost of replacement. If these are chipped tiles are left, the chip can get worse and weaken the tile causing further damage not to mention the dirt and bacteria that now lives inside the chipped area. 

What about a cracked floor tile? What are you going to do if you have a cracked floor tile? this tile is now dangerous as the cracked area could rise or fall causing a very sharp lip. This can slice through a barefoot, house dirt and bacteria and even cause the tile to deteriorate further. 

Are you now going to consider getting the chipped tile or the cracked tile replaced? 

Before you do consider calling us on 01293972737 first as we can carry out repairs to floor tiles saving money and time over replacement.

Cracked floor tile repair specialist in London