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Worktop repairs, tile repairs, laminate floor repairs, bath chip repairs, shower tray repairs, brick tinting, upvc repairs, upvc re spraying, snagging repairs, cosmetic repairs, cracked tile repairs, damaged surface repairs, repairs to hard surfaces.

Have a look below at some of the services we have to offer.

Sometimes accidents happen and when something is accidently dropped in a bath, basin or shower this can have a serious impact causing a chip, scratch or even crack and damage the surface.

At Surface repair specialists we carry out the following, chipped bath repairs, chipped or cracked basin repairs and even chipped, scratched or cracked shower tray repairs. We can bring them back to being used in no time at all.

Broken tile repair

Wall and floor tiles are easily damaged when an item is dropped onto them. At Surface repair specialists, we can carry out chipped tile repairs and cracked tile repairs to all kinds of tiles. The next time you see a crack or a chip in your tiles, give us a call on the number above and we can quickly carry out an invisible repair bringing a new lease of life back into your tiles.

Laminate worktop repair

When wood or laminates get damaged people often think that these cant be repaired due to the wood grain and colours but, at Surface repair specialists we can carry out the following damaged wood repairs, laminate floor repairs and worktop repairs. we can even put the wood grain back in like it was always there. 

Brick and stone repair specialist in London

Surface repair specialists offer a complete repair / restoration service to damaged brick and stone work. whether its a damaged "brick face", "brick tinting" to match existing brickwork, "brick repair", or a "stone windowsill repair" Surface repair specialists will give you a first class service bringing that old tired brick and stone back to life.

Marble and granite repairs in London

Worktops and counter tops are often abused without you even thinking about it. When a work top gets damaged it can be a costly expense to get it replaced, not to mention the cost to remove and re fit the taps and sink, silicone will need removing and then re sealing, tiles could get damaged and then there's the labour time to factor into it.

Surface repair specialists can quickly carry out worktop repairs and without all the hassle of it being removed.

Kitchen cupboard painting in Surrey

Surface repair specialists not only repair damaged kitchen cupboards but, can also renovate them with a fresh new look.

With our highly trained technicians, we can carry out painting of your tired cupboards and panels giving them a fresh new look.

UPVC repair specialist in Banstead Surrey

UPVC & aluminium window and door frame repairs are carried out when they suffer damage from the sun, screw holes, dropped items on the sills, break in damage and even objects crashing into them. 

At Surface repair Specialists we can repair damaged upvc and aluminium bringing your window and door frames looking as good as new.

Motorhome damaged bumper

Surface repair specialists can carry out repairs to motorhomes and caravans bringing your hard earned get away treat back to its former glory. Whether you have a chipped motorhome table, cracked caravan sink, cracked shower tray or even a leaking heki roof, we can carry out a fast affordable repair. We can even carry our repairs to damaged motorhome or caravan bumpers. 

sealant services in surrey, Mastic applicator in London

Keeping your surfaces sealant in good condition is important if you want to avoid any unnecessary leaks or water damage from your utilities and the great thing is it’s quick, easy and relatively low cost to reseal a surface.

Whether it’s a new surface or an old one, it’s a fairly simple job for a sealant specialist to do.

Not only does it help ensure that your surfaces won’t leak, but new sealant also freshens up a potentially tired-looking surface. 

Marble look coffee table

Bespoke handmade furniture by Surface Repair specialists will compliant any home or workplace. Eveything we make is hand made and covered in an epoxy resin detailed to look like natural stone. whether it be a coffee table or a full on board room table, we can customise it to your requirements to give the feel and look of pure luxury and style.