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Epoxy resin pour worktops and floors.

At Surface repair specialists we do not only repair worktops and flooring but, we can give you a brand new modern look by replacing your current worktop or flooring with an epoxy resin poured worktop or floor.

You can choose from a single colour to a marble effect or even go all out and have a multi coloured glitter effect. There are three different sheen levels to choose from, high gloss, satin or matt and we can even create a natural chopped stone edge. 

We only use the highest quality of products which is why we can give a full 10 year warranty on all our worktops and floors.

We will work with you so, you have the exact worktop or floor you want.


Opposite are just some examples of the colours and patterns you can choose from.

We only use epoxy resins from HAWK LABS so, you know that we will only install a quality worktop or floor.




Epoxy resin flooring uk
Epoxy resin worktops uk
High gloss glitter epoxy resin worktops