Wooden worktop refurbishment.

Wooden worktops are a thing of beauty in the kitchen and will make your home feel warm and comfortable but, if the wooden worktops are not looked after they will soon become an eye sore and won't be inviting.

At Surface repair specialists, we carry out a lot of wooden worktop refurbishments all over the UK. from a simple light sand and re oil to a complete chemical scrape, san and re oil. what ever the state of the worktop, we will refurbish it.

What is the most common issue with wooden worktops?

We tend to carry out refurbishments to wooden worktops that have been over oiled. when you over oil a wooden worktop it becomes sticky and dirt and bacteria will start to settle in.

When it gets to this stage, you will need to sand back the worktop and apply a fresh coat of oil.

We see a lot of people that just re oil, re oil, re oil and this is when things start to go wrong. Re oiling a worktop will not hide or cover up and damage, it will just create a sticky mess that is hard to remove.

There a re a few things that will need to be done before sanding down a worktop.

Remove the silicone sealer from around the edges, mask up the cupboards below and put down dust sheets, ideally the best practice would be to remove the sink, hob and tap, wipe down the work top to remove any debris that may be laying on the surface.

Once you have prepared the surface you can then begin to sand down the worktop if it's not too sticky. If the worktop is very sticky then you'll need to carry out a chemical scrape to remove the majority of the oil before sanding.

Start with a 240 grit sanding disc and then work your way up through the grits to leave the worktop nice and smooth before you apply the oil.

When you apply the oil use a clean lint free cloth and give a light coat over the top making sure you work the oil into the surface. Leave for 15 minutes and then wipe off any excess oil using a new clean cloth. wait an hour before applying another layer and repeat the process. Do this 3 - 4 times and then leave the worktop for 24hrs to dry off.

for ultimate protection you can apply 2 coats of polyurethane to seal the worktop and give it that extra security over spillages.

Re fit the sink, tap and hob and then re silicone all the edges.

Your worktop is now ready for another year or two of usage.

If you would like a quotation to carry out a refurbishment of your wooden worktops, give us a call on 01293 97 27 37 or send us an email to info@s-rs.co.uk.

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