UPVC repairs.

When upvc or aluminium windows get damaged there's no need to get these replaced. At www.surface-repairspecialists.co.uk we can carry out repairs to upvc window and door frames, upvc window and door sills, aluminium window and door frames and sills and we can even carry out spraying of upvc and aluminium window and door frames and sills to change their appearance.

In the image below is a before and after photo of a damaged upvc patio door sill. The damaged occurred when scaffolding was being taken down and one of the poles was accidentally dropped onto the sill causing it to break. Luckily we were onsite carrying out various other repairs to scratched glass, brick repairs amongst many others so, our client asked us to see what we could do to repair the sill. Using our specially formulated resins, we carried out the repair sealing the seal and reforming it into shape. We then carried out matching the grain pattern of the foil wrap and then proceeded to colour the repair and blending it in to the existing surround.

As you can see from the after repair image, the repair is invisible to the eye and our customer was over the moon with the work carried out.

This not only saved our customer money over replacement but, this also saved him time and an over run fine from his client.

By repairing over replacement you will also save on landfill and the environment as the broken piece does not go to landfill, there are no vehicles driving to and from landfill so, less pollution in the air that we breath. It maybe a small contribution to saving our planet but, imagine if we all contributed just a little, imagine what a difference this would make on our children's future.

Have a look through our services tab and see what else we can repair rather than replace. Our future is not yet set out for us so, lets make an impact and start repairing.

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