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Updated: Mar 21

On 15th December 2021 Surface Repair Specialists launched it’s first 1 of 8 training programs to the world.

This training program is like no other on the market.

We don’t just teach you how to carry out amazing repairs, we teach you all there is to know about starting your very own “surface repair business”.

We will teach you the basics of colour theory. Painting by hand, airbrush set up and more plus you get all the how to repair training videos along with the back office side of things like building a website, writing a business plan, marketing plan and more.

We also give you all these documents for free so, you can download them and create your very own operations manual.

Also with this incredible training program you’ll get 3x zoom calls to discuss whatever you like and be auto enrolled into our exclusive online repair group.

All updates are completely free for the life of the program.

There is everything in this training program to start your very own profitable hard surface repair business.

People are charging in excess of £5k just to teach you the repairs, we are offering the complete program with more information than the other repair programs available.

We are also developing further training programs to compliment this one and help your business grow.

Click here for more info.

We are also giving you the chance to earn back the money it cost you for the training program.

All you need to do is sign up to be an affiliate partner and promote the training program online.

With every successful sale of the training program. you will receive £750.

affiliate portal link

What are you waiting for?

Either start making money with repairs of make money selling the program or both.

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