How we increased our social media presence.

Updated: Apr 19

We have recently teamed up with Social Media Marketing Specialists to increase our social media presence.

It all started with a phone call that led us to where we currently are today.

After the initial call a meeting was then arranged for us to go through our business of what we do, how we do it and who our ideal customer would be. Social Media Marketing Specialists then started to look into our competitors to see what they do their Marketing and what is working for them.

We then issued Social Media Marketing Specialists with all of our logos, colours and photos and videos so they could start their design process.

Within a week we were sent a social media marketing plan of who our ideal customers are, where they hand out online and how we are going to get them to call us as, that is our goal.

the posts and videos we are seeing online are spectacular and we are already seeing an increase in calls coming in which is what our goal is so, is it working? Yes 100% is it cheaper than. recruiting a marketing person? Yes 100%.

Our monthly spend is £800 per month on social media marketing and our website to help grow our business. Since instructing Social Media Marketing Specialists, our monthly turn over has increased by £2500 already.

If you have a small business and you want it to grow then we would highly recommend Social Media Marketing Specialists

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Social media marketing specialists

You can contact them by clicking their name or call them on 03300430954 or pop them an email at

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