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Epoxy resin worktops and floors

Updated: May 27

Epoxy resin worktops and floors are becoming a popular alternative to marble and granite. These worktops can be specifically tailored to our customers requirements in colour and in pattern. Epoxy resin is very hard wearing, heat resistant and as we only use high quality resins, they are also UV resistant which means non yellowing over time. Having an epoxy resin worktop or floor will not only save you a small fortune over marble and granite but, it is also easier to repair and maintain over the highly priced alternatives.

You can choose from a huge range of colours as the pigments are added to the epoxy during mixing and you also have the choice of adding any shimmers, pearls, glitters, metallic, or even colour changing pigments giving you a complete bespoke design which cannot be replicated.

Epoxy resin can be used on various hard surfaces such as worktops, walls, floors, bar tops, vanity units, counters, furniture tops, shelving, display units, shower trays, sinks, baths, and many other hard surfaces.

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