Bath chip repairs

When a bath, shower tray or basin gets chipped or cracked this not only looks unsightly but, a crack will leak water and can swell and damage the wooden frame supporting it and even cause damage to the floorboards and cause a leak through your ceiling. A chip can be a home for bacteria and dirt and it can even rub against your skin opening up your pores.

A chipped or cracked bath can be costly in replacing it as you have to take into account certain things when changing a bath. Lets add this up taking into account you're keeping the taps.


New bath £100+

Bath panel £60+

Wood for new frame £30

Bath combined waste and overflow £10

Tap washers £2.50

Silicone sealer £6+


1x operative 1 day £200+ TOTAL COST £408.50

What if the tiles get damaged during removal? Is there a shower screen bolted and sealed to the wall? Who is going to dispose of the old bath and how much is that costing? Do you need to take time off work to wait in? Can I get it repaired rather than replaced?

These are all things you should consider before replacing a bath.

At Surface repair specialists, we can save our customers up to 90% over replacement when it comes to chipped or cracked baths and by using us you will also be helping to save our environment by reducing landfill and carbon emissions from vehicles travelling to landfill sites.

If you own a property or rent one Surface repair specialists are here to help you save time and money by carrying out a quality repair to your hard surfaces.

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