Kitchen Cupboard Painting/ Spraying

Let’s start off with how much would it cost to replace a kitchen.


A typical "small" kitchen can put you back around £2,500.00 - £6,000.00 as don’t forget, you will have end panels, plinths, skirting boards and cornices. Then there’s the labour cost of fitting and also there could potentially be damage to your worktops unless you plan to replace them too at another expense.


Our Kitchen spraying service starts at just £750 which is not just affordable but, cheaper than replacement and of course, saving on the environment as there will be no landfill for the old kitchen. Our kitchen spray technicians are NVQ level 2 trained in surface repair and restoration so, you can feel at ease when we visit your property and work on your kitchen.


On days 1 and 2 depending on the size of the kitchen our technicians will visit your property and remove all your cabinet and drawer doors and handles labelling them up with the cupboards they came from. They will mask off the cupboards, appliances, floors and anything else that is not due for spraying and then clean and degrease the remaining panels ready for scuff sanding.


Once the preparation has been carried out our technicians will then prime all the surfaces of the remaining panels and flatten any imperfections ready for the topcoat. Once our technicians are happy, they will then carry out spraying of the topcoat making sure everything is covered.


Once the topcoat is dry our technicians will then remove all the masking and clean the area leaving you to carry on with your day to day activities in your kitchen. All cabinet and drawer fronts are then taken away to our unit where we will carry out degreasing, cleaning, priming and a final spray of the topcoat which will be heat dried.


Our technicians will return to your property unwrap the doors that were taken away and refit them to your cabinets and fit the handles that were removed.


Once all the doors have been refitted and realigned they will call you in for a final inspection before leaving.


Having your kitchen resprayed not only does it save you money and time it also helps us to protect our environment by decreasing the amount of waste not only going to landfill but, also saves on vehicle fumes going into the air.

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