Floor Sanding And Finishing

The great thing about wooden floors is, you can sand them down when they get scuffed, stained and tatty, bringing the grain and the depth of colour back to life so it looks brand new.

Newly laid floors are sanded to make them 100% level and old floors are sanded to get rid of old, tatty wood finishes and level out the worn areas.

If you want to apply a finish to your floor it will always have to be sanded and prepared first before any colouring or finishing can be applied otherwise you are just making the tatty area look worse.

At Surface repair specialists we can attend your property and sand down your scuffed or tatty floors so they are nice and smooth and then finish them with a varnish or oil. 

We use a dustless system to help prevent dust from floating around your property and when we leave your property, your floors will look like new again.

Services we currently offer are...........

  • Floor sanding

  • Floor Sanding and refinishing

  • Resin gap filling

  • Fire hearth removal

  • Carpet removal

  • WC/ Bath removal

  • Wood slither gap filling

  • Stair sanding

  • Floor staining and colouring

  • Floorboard reinstall

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