Caravan and Motorhome repairs.

Surface repair specialists can carry out repairs to motorhomes and caravans bringing your hard-earned getaway treat back to its former glory.

Whether you have a chipped motorhome table, cracked caravan sink, cracked shower tray or even a leaking heki roof light, we can carry out a fast affordable repair.

We can even carry our repairs to a damaged motorhome or caravan bumpers. 

We have carried out works on behalf of Sussex caravan centre and Lee davey caravans on their customer's pride and joy.

What about treating your caravan or motorhome to some personal upgrades such as a fully bespoke marble look epoxy resin worktop or table. 

We can make the surfaces in your caravan or motorhome look very special, modern and expensive with our epoxy pour worktops and tabletops. 

This bespoke service is designed to your specifications and we can even get you involved by putting in your own personal touch if you wanted to that is?

Colours and patterns are all your choice and if you really wanted to do something really special like a glitter effect or even colour changing effect, we can do that also. 

Just call us on 01293 97 27 37 or Email us at

cracked caravan repairs in sussex
Damaged caravan shower trays in west sussex
Damaged motorhome repairs in surrey
cracked motorhome panel repairs in London
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