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Motorhome and Caravan repairs.


Motorhomes are like a home from home, a home that goes with you when you need to get away from the stresses in life.

At Surface repair specialists we can carry out repairs to your motorhome in the unfortunate event that an accident happens.

We can repair your tables and worktops when they get chips or scratches, we can repair the wooden panelling when the laminate peels or it gets scratched, we can repair chipped or cracked shower trays and bathroom pods and even re colour them to give them a nice fresh look.

We don't stop there though. we can repair leaking heki roof windows, we can repair cracked, dented and broken bumpers and side trims and even repair the covers around the tow hitch.

What ever hard surface damage you have on your motorhome give us a call on 01293 97 27 37

Cracked motorhome panel repair in West Sussex

Caravans are known to suffer damage whether it's accidental when reversing and the bumper corner scrapes a wall or post or whether it's where the fixing point holes start to crack.

At surface repair specialists, we can carry out repairs to you caravan without the need to bring it to us, that's right, we come to you. We can carry out repairs to bumper corners and match up the colour to the caravans original colour bringing your caravan back to it's former glory.

That's not it though, we can carry out repairs to the internal of the caravan. we can repair chipped or scratched tables, worktops, panels and even repair cracked shower trays and bathroom pods.

Why not send us a photo of the damage to our email address HERE

Cracked caravan panel repair in Kent