Brick and Stone repairs.

Brick repairs

Brick repairs are needed when something or someone damages the face of the brick in you home or workplace. bricks can be damaged by drilling from inside out with a blunt drill bit, a vehicle can collide into a wall causing damage to the brick, there could even be just weak brick that was slightly cracked during building and it just fell apart over time. 

We can even re colour bricks and carry out brick tinting so, if you have a n extension and the bricks are no longer available to match the rest of your home, we can carry out brick tinting to match them in. You could also have a chemical like a screed get splashed up onto a brick face and left to go hard. The only way to remove this is by grinding down the brick which will damage the face and look awful. we can gently rub down these and then re colour the screed to blend into the brick.

check out our gallery for before and after photos or give us a call on 01293972737 to discuss your requirements.

Stone repairs

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