Bath, Basin and Shower tray repairs.

Chipped bath repairs.

When you get a chip or crack in a bath this can seem like a costly expense to replace as when changing a bath you need to consider elements to take into account during this process. 

These elements are 

1) Will the tiles crack when the bath is removed?

2) Will I need to replace the bath panel?

3) How long do I need to leave the bath to settle before I can use it?

4) Will the waste pipe need altering to fit the new bath?

5) How much is all this going to cost?

If you call us first, we can take all these questions away from you and have your bath back to being used within a 4-6 hours and sometimes even less.

All our repairs will be invisible and colour matched to the existing bath so, you won't even be able to tell there was ever a chip or a crack in the first place. 

So, how do we do it? 

Our technicians are skillfully trained to carry out such repairs and follow a strict process to make sure we can give you a 12-month warranty on the repair.

For further information, give us a call on 01293972737 or email us at

Bath chip repair specialist in surrey

Cracked basin repairs.

Basins can be easily damaged when an object has fallen onto them or even if something metal scratches against them. When something like this happens a cracked basin or even a chipped basin can be costly to replace as you would need to remove the silicone around the basin and then remove the taps and waste pipe and try to remove it without breaking a tile. what about the pedestal, will this fit and line up with the new basin? Will the tap pipe work need to be altered to fit into the new tap holes? 

This is where having a repair over replacement will make you life much easier not to mention save you money and time and also save on the environment.

We are able to repair most cracks and chips to basins without all the hassle of removing the basin from the wall. Our technicians are expertly trained to deal with such repairs like chips to basins, cracks to the edge of the basin and even around the plug hole. Our top coats are specially formulated to last the life of the basin and bring it back to looking like new. 

What about if its an old coloured basin? we can repair and colour match those too. 

Have a look through our gallery and see some of the amazing repairs that we have carried out. 

Cracked basin repairs in Croydon, surrey

Cracked shower tray repairs.

A cracked shower tray can be one of those issues that can end up causing more damage the longer it's left. Water can penetrate even through the tightest of cracks. This can lead to a weakened structure of the shower tray, the wooden floor underneath can get wet and damaged and even the ceiling below can end up getting damaged and stained or even worse collapse. 

At Surface repair specialists we can repair cracked shower trays and even re-enforce the underneath of the shower to give it it's strength back. All our shower tray repairs are backed by our 12 month warranty so, even if the repair did fail up to 12 months after the repair was carried out, we would return for free to carry out another repair.

Let us repair your cracked shower trays, chipped baths and your cracked or chipped basins and save money, time and our environment. 

check out our gallery page for previous repairs or send us a photo of the damage via WhatsApp on 01293972737 or you can always click on the live chat to your right and ask us any questions you may have.

Cracked shower tray repairs