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Surface repair specialists carry out repairs to chipped baths, cracked baths, damaged tiles, chipped worktops, damaged flooring, brick recolouring, damaged stone, bath resurfacing, shower tray resurfacing, construction site repairs, glass scratch removal.


At Surface Repair specialists we pride ourselves in achieving only the highest quality of work.

All our technicians undertake a very comprehensive training program resulting in a Level 2 NVQ but, that's not where our training program stops, we regularly bring our technicians in and further their training with new products that we are constantly testing and new processes. Our aim is to provide a top quality service using top quality products. This results in our customers receiving top quality repairs that are guaranteed for 12 months.


We are fully insured and backed by our suppliers with the products we use. 

All our technicians carry out a risk assessment and method statement before every repair is carried out this way our customers have peace of mind that we will work within our insurance tolerance's and the work is 100%. 


No two jobs are ever the same. We could be repairing a granite or marble worktop in the morning and then in the afternoon carrying out a brick repair. Every repair we carry out we be assessed before any work is started to make sure that we can carry out the repair safely, cleanly and efficiently.

We give our repairs 100% of our attention and make sure that the repair is carried out to the best of our abilities. 

Surface repair specialists have better quality than magic man, plastic surgeon and surface medic. all our repairs to hard surfaces a re guaranteed